We Are BashPros

BashPros vendors are a community of people who work in the industry of creating incredible experiences. Whether you specialize in catering, balloon animals, or playing the harmonica, BashPros can help you make your business grow.

Vendor Benefits


More Customers

We provide a platform for more customers to find you and make booking your services seamless so you're more likely to get hired!

FREE Marketing

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Through social media, blog posts, and email campaigns we let people know how great you are so you get the attention you deserve.

Centralized Management


Track past, present and future event bookings all in one place. Enjoy automated BEO's and track payments on the Vendor Dashboard.

Seamless Transactions


We get you the money you need when you need it. Never chase payments again with our automated payment process system.  

Photo by GZeroOne/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by GZeroOne/iStock / Getty Images


We Give You Customers.

You Grow Your Business.

"I'm so excited to be joining the BashPros platform. I love how this app is bringing the event industry into the 21st century."

Why Packages?

Packaging services will help you save time. Forget the days of recalculating price quotes, and playing phone tag with customers. With pre-planned packages, your customers will be able to request to book your services with just a click of a button!

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How to Package

It's easy! Create packages based on your most popular services at different price points. Using your industry expertise, you build your packages by bundling the essentials, and offering add-ons so customers can customize their experience.