1. How do I get started on the BashPros app?

To get started on the BashPros app, simply download it from the Apple App Store
and register as a user. From there, you will be able to browse different vendors &
their packages and find & book the best ones for your event.

2. How far in advance do I have to book an event?

You can request to book an event at any time. Your request will be approved or denied depending on vendor’s availability. We recommend requesting to book at least 4 - 6 weeks in advance to secure your top choice of vendor(s).

3. How do I know when my event has been booked?

BashPros uses push notifications at various steps of the booking process to make sure you know your booking status at all times. Once you submit your package to the vendor, the vendor will either approve or decline the job. If your request is approved, you will then be able to submit payment, in the appropriate amount, as outlined by our payment process terms. Once your deposit has cleared, your package is considered booked.

4. Will a BashPros representative be at the event?

No, a BashPros representative will not be at the event. If you would like a representative then we recommend that you add an event planning package to your event. An event planner will take care of event logistics, the timeline of your event, and vendor management.

5. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

The BashPros cancellation and refund policy is based on an assessment of the costs and lost opportunities a vendor incurs when a client cancels. Therefore, the BashPros refund policy varies based on how far in advance you book/ cancel your event.  Please see below for more information.

  • When you book a vendor or venue more than 21 days from the date of your event, you may cancel the entire booking and receive a FULL refund for the required 25% deposit, but ONLY within 7 days (meaning 7 days from the date the deposit funds are cleared).
  • When you book a vendor or venue between 14 and 20 days from the date of your event, you may cancel the event, but we can no longer offer you a refund for the required 25% deposit. This is because the vendors and venues need assurance they are locked in for your event and need to spend money to prepare, so we distribute the deposit to them!
  • When you book a vendor or venue within 14 days of the date of your event, we require payment in full. If you cancel, we can refund ONLY 50% of the amount paid. This is because within two weeks, the vendor or venue has already been preparing for your event  and has been unable to take on other events for that date since they were committed to you. We can’t leave them hanging and feel they deserve some compensation for making themselves available to you.
  • If a vendor or venue cancels on you, except if you’ve made a material misrepresentation to the vendor, the venue, or us, you are entitled to a FULL refund of that amount.

6. What happens if a vendor loses or damages anything, or if anything is stolen from my event?

Unfortunately, we do not assume responsibility for loss of or damage to personal property, UNLESS the vendors or venues responsible are hired and paid through BashPros Concierge (our in-house event planning service). Unless you are using BashPros Concierge, you will have to contact vendors or venues directly to resolve issues regarding loss of or damage to personal property. BashPros does require all vendors and venues to carry General Liability Insurance in case anything happens, so if a claim needs to be made, it can be done with the applicable insurance company. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact [email protected].

7. What if I have an issue with the amount charged?

BashPros takes responsibility for correct and accurate billing of applicable charges. If there’s an issue with the amount charged or billed to you by BashPros, please feel free to email [email protected] and explain the charges. Please refer to the BashPros Terms of Service for further information regarding disputes. You can also refer to our payment processing infograph for more information.