Our Story

After attending and planning numerous Silicon Beach events, Russell Tuchman saw an opportunity to tackle systemic efficiency and transparency issues throughout the event industry. To accomplish this, Russell brought in Leigh Walker, an industry veteran with over a decade of experience, as well as Kamron Batman and Adrian English, seasoned experts at building marketplaces and scaling sales platforms.

BashPros is a revolutionary new platform here to make events easier, more accessible, and more transparent for everyone. The rest is history!

Our Team

Russell Tuchman

Chief Executive Officer

Russell Tuchman is the Founder of BashPros and leads the team with his ferocious drive, determination, and thirst for success. With an expansive network and prior experience in startups as both as a Co-Founder and Advisor, Russell brings his knowledge of operations, business development, fundraising, and leadership to the BashPros team.


Leigh Walker

Chief Marketing Officer

Leigh Walker is the event and marketing brains behind BashPros. With over a decade of experience in the event world, Leigh has planned, organized, and managed events of all sizes and for all types of customers. With an additional background in marketing and branding, Leigh is also helping with the overall strategy and execution in the growth of the company.


Kamron Batman

Chief Technology Officer

Kamron Batmanghelich or “Batman” is the tech genuis behind BashPros. As a full stack engineer and an IT expert, Kamron is responsible for the look and feel of the BashPros marketplace. By bringing his passion for technology to BashPros, Kamron’s aim is to create perfect and seamless digital solutions to add to the overall customer experience.


Adrian English

Chief Operations Officer

Adrian English is the sales guru of the team. With an excellent track record in sales, customer service, and strategic partnerships, Adrian is helping to ensure the company’s success by maximizing its market potential. Additionally, with an expansive network, Adrian will also help ensure the maximum growth potential by enhancing customer and vendor outreach.